Climbing gear

From helmets to harnesses

Commandotouwen Goeman has a wide range of climbing accessories in stock. We sell helmets, climbing holds, carabiners, climbing harnesses and lanyards. Simply navigate to the desired page and discover the technical specifications of our products.

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Equipment of rockclimber. Rope and carabiner


Easy to attach

Close up of a mountaineer wearing rope, carabiners, and carabiners on his belt.


Perfectly protected during your climbing session

Climbing hardhats at warehouse


The ultimate protection


Climbing holds & webbing

Adapted to your needs

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For easy movement

little boy climbing a rock wall


Ideal for vertical use

Getting ready for climbing

Ascenders & descenders

100 % quality

Rock climber in indoor climbing gym

Rope bags

Your ropes neatly stowed away

A woman sits on the edge of a rope bridge over a precipice in the mountains

Rope ladders & speleo ladders

Descending becomes a piece of cake