Commandotouwen Goeman’s strength

Although there is a wide range of climbing ropes available on the market, only a few are suitable for intensive use. That is why Commandotouwen Goeman wants to make a difference. Our quality is appreciated by the Belgian army, which has been using our products for more than 30 years.

The military subjects their ropes to many different tests (e.g. drop tests & abseiling). During these tests, it was our ropes that stood out. That is how we obtained the UIAA Safety Label.

We continue to focus on innovation and develop new types of rope types, year after year. During that process, safety and durability are core values. Furthermore, we always keep the specific requirements and needs of professional users in mind.

Below, you can find an overview of the colour codes we use for our climbing ropes.

In the sheath

The year of production is indicated with two coloured sheath strands in Z-shape (see table). Those are the same colour codes as used by the Belgian army.

X: 0 to 9

YearColour 1Colour 2
Year 20X0BlueBlue
Year 20X1RedRed
Year 20X2YellowYellow
Year 20X3BlackBlack
Year 20X4WhiteWhite
Year 20X5GreenGreen
Year 20X6BlueRed
Year 20X7RedYellow
Year 20X8YellowBlue
Year 20X9BlackWhite

The type of rope is indicated by a single strand in an S-shape.

GreenDynamic single climbing rope
Olive greenDynamic double rope (1/2)
RedAbseiling rope (twin rope)
YellowSemi-static rope Goeman A13
BlackSemi-static rope Goeman A11.5

In the core

The static ropes contain an identification ribbon with the name, producer, EN standard, year of production, CE number and type of rope (A or B).