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Check out our range of indoor climbing ropes down below.


Get the most out of your indoor climbing experience and buy your ropes at Commandotouwen Goeman. Thanks to our many years of experience, we guarantee nothing but the highest quality products. As loyal partner of the Belgian army, we ensure the reliability of all our equipment. Read on to learn more about our indoor climbing ropes.

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Commandotouwen Goeman have an extensive range of ropes and all the essential accessories. We offer dynamic indoor climbing ropes, as well as static and semi-static ropes. Helmets, harnesses and other vital protection gear is on offer in our store as well. The military subjects their ropes and gear to many different tests and our products always come out on top. Outdoor organisations, indoor climbing gyms, high altitude workers, fire brigades and arborists are some of our regular clients. Check out our range of indoor climbing ropes down below.

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