Commando rope ladder

The ladders are made out of a polyester rope and aluminium rungs

Length 10 m
Length 40 aluminium rungs 20 cm – diameter 25 mm
Rope material Polyester
Type of rope Beaten rope made up of three strands
Diameter 8 mm


  • The ladder is equipped with split loops at the ends (2 at the top and 2 at the bottom), so that the ladders can be coupled using snap hooks.
  • The ladders are reversible


1) With polyester rope:

Colours: white, black or olive green

Tensile strength rope: >10,000 N

Tensile strength rope with mounted rungs: >500 N/rope

2) With aramid core, braided with polyester sheath:

Colour: white, black , olive green

Min. tensile strength of one rope: 13,000 N

Min. tensile strength of a single rope with mounted rungs: >800 kg

3) With aramid core with Black Technora sheath:

Colour: black

Min. tensile strength: 16,000N

Min. tensile strength of a single rope, with mounted rungs: 9,000N


  • Standard length: 10 m, also available on demand in other lengths
  • 40 aluminium rungs per 10 m
  • Length of rungs: 20 cm
  • Rungs diameter: 25 mm
  • The ladder is equipped with stitched loops at the ends (2 at the top and 2 at the bottom), so that the ladders can be coupled using carabiner/lower off
  • The ladders are reversible
  • Rope diameter: 8 mm
  • Weight: +/- 3.5 kg


  • The aluminium rungs have an external diameter of 25 mm
  • The aluminium rungs are fitted with protective rings in the drilled holes to avoid damaging the rope
  • The spliced loops are fitted with polyamide or metal eyelets to protect the rope from rubbing against the attachment loops
  • The stitching is covered by a PVC shrinkage line

Life span

The life span is highly dependent on the use.

The combination of use and storage should not exceed 15 years.

Hanging outside will cause a certain amount of UV degradation.

Polyester has a good UV resistance.

Black Technora will lose 35 % of its strength when exposed to 100,000 hours of sunshine and is therefore less suitable for permanent outdoor use.

If the sheath is seriously damaged, the ladder should be taken out of use.


A rope ladder is not personal protective equipment and users must be protected at all times by climbing rope and a climbing harness with an anti-collision device.

The rope ladder, regardless of the number of elements, may only be climbed by two people at a time.