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Are you interested in buying dynamic climbing ropes? Discover our dynamic 11 mm climbing ropes. With their dynamic core and reinforced sheath, these ropes are suitable for intensive users. As the partner of choice of the Belgian army, we guarantee top quality. The climbing ropes are available in the basic colours: red, blue, khaki and black. Continue reading to find out more about our products.

Climbing ropes for arborists and other professions

At Commandotouwen Goeman, intensive users can choose the best dynamic climbing ropes for military operations and tree care. Our arborist ropes are synonymous with quality and comply with CE standards. On this site you can also find all accessories related to climbing equipment, such as helmets and pulleys. We also have useful rope ladders on offer. On the product pages on this site you can see the technical specifications of our products in detail.

Type of rope Braided sheath with 48 strands around a braided core
Weight 74 g/m – 40 % sheath – 60 % core
Colour core strand According to the year of production
Base colour Red, blue, khaki, black

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This rope meets the CE standard for single use.

Mechanical specifications

  • Single rope 1
  • Dynamic rope (EN/892- UIAA/101) indicated by a green strand in the rope
  • Break load > 28,000 N
  • Impact force: 10.3 kN at the first fall
  • Amount of falls without breaking (with fall factor 2): 9
  • Relative elongation <8 %
  • The rope that was submitted to the user test has to endure at least five fall tests without breaking (with fall factor 2)
  • Water-repellent
  • CE certified
Standard requirements Required performance Results of the analyses
Rope diameter 10.4 mm (manufacturer’s data) D =  10.4 mm
Knotability factor K <= 11 K = 0.83
Sheath slippage <=40 mm 0 mm
Elongation < 8 % 7 %
Dynamic elongation < 40 % 32 %
Mass per 1000 mm g/m M = 74  g/m
Sheath mass Sp Sp min >= 40 % Sp =%
Core mass C C min >= 60 % C = 75 %
Impact value F <= 12 kN F = 8,4 kN
Break load after first drop N >= 5 N >= 9
Material Polyamide Polyamide

Target group

With its dynamic core and reinforced sheath, this rope is very suitable for intensive users.


Used by the Belgian department of Defence for over 25 years.