Diameter 20 mm
Type of rope Braided sheath around core with 16 spools and 48 strands
Colour Khaki
Length All lengths are available to order
Material Core from polyester and sheath from polyamide
Colour core strand According to the year of production
Weight 36 kg/100 m


  • This rope was specially designed for abseiling with a steel carabiner between two anchored points with a considerable difference in height.
  • An accompanying brake rope (13 mm) fits through the snap hook. This is operated by the person responsible for braking.
  • Suitable for rope bridges and monkey bridges.
  • With its reinforced sheath and minimal elongation, this rope is undoubtedly the most suitable on the market.


  • Very static and durable rope
  • Lasts between 1,500 and 3,000 descents (depending on the gradient)
  • Minimum breaking load: 90,000 N